Thursday, 7 July 2016

Migration Journey


When you hear ‘Niqab’, what comes to mind? Well, the beauty of the moon does not change when covered by clouds, just as the beauty of a woman remains when covered by Hijab or Niqab.

Allah Subhanahu Wa’ Tala says, take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards me, I will run towards you.

I once a girl without any hijab (after revert) and it took me quite a long time to wear it as my job involve of performing and meeting peoples. Later then, I made a decision to wear hijab, one by one, step by step I migrated myself to a better appearance. Wide shawl next handsocks and socks. So this is the final migration I decided to migrate. Wearing a niqab and I’ve been practicing few days but yesterday was the final decision. I’ve deicded to wear it on the 1st of syawal (continuously). People question up even my ‘partner’ asking the same question. “Are you sure?”. *Istiqomah Amani* So here it goes...

A Muslimah in a hijab, is a Queen with her crown. Hijab is difficult, Abayas are even harder, Jilbab is a struggle and Niqab is a sacrifice. But indeed, the reward is tremendous. If you want to know about the Niqab, ask the view of a Niqabi and not someone giving his or her biased views not having worn it in the first place. This is what I did. I keep on struggling asking my surrounding about this. I received more positive words compared to negative. I ask the Niqabis, ‘ustaz’ and ‘ustazah’, like everyoneeee.

Then I realized, my niqab is my protection and it reminds me that my heart belongs to Allah and He is the One who deserves my sincerity, love and obedience. Our niqab and hijab gives us the best identity, the honoured identity of a woman of Islam. Alhamdulillah! Hijab is our honour, dignity and freedom. Our hijab shows that we are liberated from servitude to anyone or anything other than Allah. Hijab is a lot more than just a headscarf. Hijab is a way of life and it should be with us wherever we go.

When our parents, Adam and Hawa (Peace be upon them) discovered their nudity they felt ashamed. Now, we are making it acceptable in society. There’s a difference in opinion as to whether the niqab is compulsory or not but no Scholar would ever tell you that the niqab isn’t Islamic. Wearing the niqab takes strength and sacrifice but when we do it for the Sake of Allah, it becomes more than rewarding. Alhamdulillah!

When you cover up for the sake of Allah, that in itself makes you a lot more beautiful because you’re doing what He has commanded you to do. Women of the world show their bodies to achieve their passion in something, to achieve success in the world. The women of Jannah cover their bodies to achieve success in Akhira. (Please do not question me about someone repent because this is based on my opinion)

A person blinded by prejudice may not see it, but a hijabi or niqabi is beautiful, full of confidence and dignity. Anything but oppression. HIjab is the cover we wear not only for our body but for our heart and soul too. Hijab should inspire us to be modest in every walk of life. If there’s one thing that can change our destiny, it’s Du’aa. When you raise your hand and ask Allah, HE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN.

Wallahi, the hijab will bring in a lot of changes and value into your lives. It’ll make us realize how value and honour of modesty and there’s nothing more beautiful than a niqabi covering her beauty Allah’s sake. May Allah reward all niqabis striving for Allah’s pleasure.

Amani xoxo

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Assalamualaikum and hi semua semua dan semua :)
Harini amani nak share sikit. Mana kita nak cari sumber kewangan if anything happen to us. Andai kata diri anda, diri kita ditimpa musibah. Dari mana sumber kewangan yg hrus kita cari?
1. Ibu bapa.
2. Isteri atau suami.
3. Saudara
4. Rayuan derma
5. Medical card
Hmm. Dari kita kecil ibu bapa kerja keras untuk kita takkan sampai kita dh tua masih nak membebankan mereka? Suami atau isteri? Bagaimana dgn sumber kewangan keluarga akan dtg? Saudara? Berapa kerat sgt saudara2 tu nak menolong utk bantu? Last choice merayu masuk news paper? Hmmm anda fikir kalau mampu utk atasi smua permasalahan ini hanya dengan medical card kenapa tidak kita pilih pilihan yg sedia ada? Fikir masa depan,long term bukan short term. Sy offer RM850k utk tabung bencana anda xnak ke? Klu nk up lagi RM1juta. Sy rancang, kami rancang kewangan yg terbaik utk anda dan masa depan anda.

Tepuk dada tanya iman. 😌 
Boleh direct pm sy utk penerangan lebih lanjut.

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