Thursday, 30 January 2014

Tutorial Wide Shawl

Previously I received lots of my customers asking how to wear wide shawl. They even request me to do the tutorial. Truth is amani sendiri main lilit sahaja. Before doing this tutorial, I’ve wondered and they questioned me why do I wear hijab, even my Chinese friends were saying you look much better with your hair.

Previously before I convert into muslim, I went to my bestfriend house. That was the time I am still the old Christy. Went to perlis to celebrate raya with Fatin and there was a situation when a girl asking me and fatin.

Girl : Akak kenapa tak guna tudung? ( as all of them were wearing hijab but not me as I am not muslim during that time. So I am speechless with the question and fatin was smiling)

Fatin : Akak tu memang tak guna tudung.

Girl : Akak kalau tak guna tudung Allah tak suka, akak susah nak masuk syurga.Nanti akak akan jadi botak. (I am totally speechless, looking that naive girl and compare to me, ok she know the rule)

Me : Nant akak guna ea haha. ( as I don’t know how to respond and looking at her, she was smiling)

Then few years later Alhamdulillah I am muslim, still sometimes I am still not wearing hijab fully until I got a dream wearing hijab and there someone saying exactly as the girl ever said and there’s a word saying I am better with hijab. It made me realized all the day. Thinking and Alhamdulillah I am still using hijab until now though sometimes I’ve failed but again thanks to someone that keep reminding me to wear hijab.

So here it goes the first tutorial from me and Amani Peter Enterprise. Do like my page and insta : @amanipeter  My business is still a baby yet thanks to those who support me.

So hope you all understand the step as I am trying to make it simple as I can haha.



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pretty as usual

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Tomey nyeee...

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