Saturday, 10 October 2015

new job

Assalamualaikum. Hi!

Its been a while. I know. *shush shush shush*. Ive been busy this few months.
Work. Business and so on.

Few weeks ago, Ive started something. Its called 'islamic financial planner'. Ok cliche.
Straight to the point, previously I'm joining the AIA takaful team but now am transfering to another company which is Takaful Ikhlas. 100% owned by a muslim. Lots of benefits actually.

Something funny happened today actually. You know la kan I am the type of person like joining something but never open to my officemates or groups and so on. Diam diam saja. So its like funny when someone introduce you about takaful witout knowing u were one of them cuma lain company and you were like "oh yeke oh yeke". Kinda fake but at the end of it I still admit that I am from takaful itself. I'm sorry its not that I am not confident with others takaful but I guess Takaful Ikhlas is the best rather than others :)

Well, to be continue.

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