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Diet in healthy way? Here the tips

Assalamualaikum and Hi,
I might not be the best slim lady out there but I am here to share a little bit of tips.

Well, you have committed to a healthier lifestyle, opting to increase your veggie intake, decrease your sugar intake, drink more water and showing up at the gym to push some weight around or whatever your pleasure is there. (me? I only do my exercise at home ngehngehngeh)
You feel like you are doing everything “RIGHT”. Why then, in the face of all of this healthiness, have your bowels ground to a halt?

Constipation, gas and bloating are among the most common gastrointestinal complaints for many people transitioning their nutrition or exercise routines. Though common, they are hardly desirable and can leave one scratching their head in wonder. HMMM. After all, you are making better choices, right? (still wondering)

Do you ever heard microbiome and your second brain? Apa amani merepek ni gila. HAHA. This is what the doctor said to me. Its all bout your microbiome and second brain and I was like “What the teeeet is that”? Let us talk about microbiome. Microbiome is responsible for hundreds eh thousands of functions. They help us break down a variety of food compounds and fibers. They humanize nutrients we have consumed from plants, they have an impact on our relative leanness and fatness, the help to promote or dampen production of feel-good hormones, they talk to and coach the immune system and they communicate with enteric nervous system (ENS) "correct me if I was wrong with the name,penat jot down" which reffered to as the Second Brain. BLABLABLA but this is what he told and explain to us, as Medical Plan Advisor I should keep this in mind. Trust me this blablabla things is hurting my mind but helpful HAHA.

The reason things can slow down, get gaseous, or get uncomfortable in the gut when we make dietary or lifestyle changes essentially lies both in the microbiome and second brain

There are a number of things that you can do to help your microbiome and second brain acclimate to these changes:

1.       Sit down when you eat: we are all guilty of chugging a protein shake while running out the door or eating something over the kitchen sink, but truth is, it is more soothing for your second brain and balancing for gut motility to be relaxed when you eat. 

2.       Chew your food well: put your fork down between bites and chew that food until it is a soft paste. Chewing well puts less pressure on the stomach to break down food, less biochemical pressure on your digestive enzymes, acid and bile to break down the food biochemically, and, when food is better-blended, it is less fermentable by the bacteria in the colon, leading to less by products of fermentation. 

3.       If you are increasing fiber consumption, through veggies or supplements or whatever, you must increase water too: Adding fiber to a dry or dehydrated system will slow you down even more. For every additional gram of fiber you consume, aim for an additional ounce of water. Your pee should be a pale, clear yellow.

4.    Balance hard exercise with restorative movement: like the types of food you eat, the different ways you move your body will impact the gut flora. Movements should be varied and balanced. Just as it’s not ideal to couch surf 24/7, it’s no good to only go hard at the gym. Leisure walking, restorative yoga, tai chi and other forms of gentle movement should be incorporated to make your gut flora and second brain happy both.

5.    Double X Nutrilite Amway : Last but not least. I consume this everyday. It contains everything that we needed. Help on balancing our food and really help a lot during our dietary plan. For magnesium matters on the supplement, its help to soften the stool and relax and dilate the bowel. Good things for the body, help the blood sugar regulation, enxiety, musculoskeletal health and about 400 other things. Taking this supplement followed by a big glass of water in the morning will often stimulate a bowel movement.

Follow these tips and give your body a little time to adjust to your new diet. Before you know it
you’ll be feeling great!

Any inquires on Double X Nutrilite Amway you can always liaise with me and I will give you the best service. A little bit info about Double X Nutrilite Amway, click HERE.

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