Thursday, 3 January 2013


Who is he? Where is he?
Questions dancing in mind.
Questions running in heart.
Always asking,asking,asking.
Keep asking and keep waiting.

Waiting for the man from Allah.
Who brought love from Allah
Redha with all the sojourn from Allah
Sojourn that ended with wedding
Which means Jodoh

Sometimes I  keep asking
Heart hurts, heart brokes
Waiting is a part of tests
Pray to Allah for patient
For strong, indeed.

Waiting for a partner
Walk away together
To Allah’s road.
LA TAHZAN! He said.
Allah’s calm comandment
Keep us strong, keep reminding us.

Those who sad with your Jodoh
Stop it.
It’s all written in Luh Mahfuz
It may not follow our flow
Yet do remember!
Doesn’t mean the person you love the most
Is the right person for you

Back to basic,
It’s all under Allah SWT comandment.

To be patient must meet hurt.
To be understanding meet more hurts.
Sometimes I do pretend to be most patient and understanding person
Truth is it hurts.