Thursday, 13 February 2014

thou my dear

To hope;
To let go;
To move on;

Hoping someone from the past
Useless, hardest part
Though waiting too much
Though hoping too much
Still decision made
Answer same
What else?

To let go;
Letting go off your past
Future a head to be chase
It’s hard yet worth trying
So what?
Staying in the same hole
Staying in the same mind
It’s called ‘coward’

To move on;
Moving on your step
As someone out there
For you
To clear up your past
To bright up your future
So dear,
Stop the nonsense
Stop the talks
We are women and women are strong
So stop being closed up

There is fairy tales
Yet true world
Haven’t got any fairy tales
They’re happy
Just let them be and you
You should rejoice in your own way

Smile as the past won’t haunt you
Strong as the past won’t defeat you
To hope, to let go, to move on


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